Hisham Hassan Adb El-moneam Ahmed

Hisham Hassan Adb El-moneam Ahmed

Student at NTI National Telecommunications Institute
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مدينة نصر, القاهرة, مصر

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▪ Interactive and fast enough to learn new technologies and Languages. ▪ Team player, self learner and can work efficiently under pressure. ▪ Ability to think "outside the box". ▪ Shares knowledge, responsibilities, and expertise with others easily and frequently. ▪ Works effectively with people at all levels in the organization in order to achieve the required results. ▪ Shares information and accepts feedback easily and in a timely manner. ▪ Balances own responsibilities with interests of team and/or department; Respects group goals. ▪ Researches for new ways to apply technology. ▪ Combines different ideas to create something new or improve existing product. ▪ Good technical documentation writing skills.


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Student at NTI

National Telecommunications Institute
2018-06-01 (الحالي)

The main objective of this track is to teach the trainees how to develop various types of applications using java programming language. This track has four main phases. In the first phase, the trainees will learn the basic fundamentals of object oriented and Java programming language. In the second phase, trainees will learn how to develop java web applications using java servlet and java server pages languages. In the third phase, the trainees will learn how to use java for developing android mobile applications. Finally in the fourth phase, the trainees will learn how to establish a communication between Android and Embedded systems (i.e., interfacing android with embedded systems). This track will open an opportunity for trainees to get job as soon as they pass-out it in the industry that requires a java developer.





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